A playful contribution to rehabilitate soil

MA graduation work from Konstfack 2020

Exhibition, June 2020
One-third of all food produced in the world is wasted. Our systems encourage consumeristic behaviours and wastefulness in preference to circularity. Human disconnection to nature’s ecosystems is resulting in depleting, eroding and polluted soils.

Soil is the foundation of life, without it humans would not exist. Our food exists because of soil and we obtain energy from the food we eat - unfortunately the nutrients in our food are declining due to intensive industrial farming. Compost enhances the soil, nourishes the life within it. How can composting be involved in our everyday life?

Taking a step back and adjusting our habits does not have to be simply dull and difficult, possibly it is a worthwhile adventure. Playing is a mode of being human, playing evokes curiosity and through play we can understand what surrounds us. In a collective space families can collaborate, together they learn how to turn their food waste to compost, while playing.

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